Saturday, February 14, 2009

President Obama and Julio...

I ran into this today.

At first all I can say is wow. Then, "This guy is a plant."

But let's look at his message. Julio works at McDonald's (and has been for four years) and wants to either find a better job or get more pay and more benefits than he is currently getting at McDonalds. First and foremost, the trade between the President and Julio about whether Julio is getting healthcare at McDonald's is flat our false. McDonald's most certainly does offer healthcare benefits. Not only do they offer healthcare coverage, they also offer retirement, investing and profit sharing; and college assistance. Granted its not a dream job but I've seen worse.

What is at the heart of Julio's message? Here it is: I work at McDonald's, and have been for four years. There are other people out there who make more money than me and I don't like that. Mr. President I want you to either give me that high paying job I've always dreamed of or make McDonald's pay me more.

Here is my official response:

Julio, I think it is great that you are working and getting educated to improve your life. However, there is a pecking order. As you gain experience and qualifications your income will go up, provided the demand is there. That's what your income is based on. You are selling your skills to the highest bidder. The fewer people who can do your job, and the more places that need that role filled, the more your skills are worth. You can teach anyone how to push grocery carts in about 30 minutes. This job pays around $7 per hour depending on where you are. Compare that with say an electrician journeyman makes about $18 per hour. Why the difference? Because as it stands today, you cannot do an electrician's job, but he can do yours.

The day that a cart pusher or cashier makes the same as a dentist the world will be broken. And once you get your communications career rolling you will feel the same way.

Finally, here's a secret of success. Don't depend on the person in the White House to "give" you a job, opportunity or anything. I recommend that the only thing you ask of the government is to get out of your way.

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