Friday, July 24, 2009

52 Race Card Pickup

Earlier this month Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested for disorderly conduct. Since this incident, the arresting officer's treatment has ranged from being called a racist (again) by the man he arrested to being insulted by the President of the United States. The policeman says he was just doing his job. Professor Gates says he was arrested because he was, "a black man in America."

But what are the facts? Here's what we know. A woman called 911 and reported that she saw two men, with backpacks breaking into a house. The police arrived and confronted Gates, not knowing who he was. Shortly thereafter Gates was arrested.

Gates asserts that his civil rights were violated. The officer asserts that Gates became beligerent, would not cooperate, and continually referred to the fact that he is a "black man." Based on how many times I've seen Gates on TV pointing out the obvious fact that he's a black man, I'd say he did. Gates also stated that when inside the house after telling the police officer he lived there, he said he went to get his ID and the policeman followed him.

Som let's say that you are a police officer. Let's say you get called to a potential burgularly in progress. Let's say that the first person you see on site starts screaming at you about how he's a black man and you are a racist. Are you going to be suspicious of the person? OK so now the person tells you that they live in that house. Are you just going to take their word for it? So the suspect says they are going to get their ID in just the other rooom. Are you going to think to yourself they may be running? Or getting a gun? And now the suspect gets even more agitated and demands you get out. Are you going to be suspicious?

If you are a cop worthy of your badge, sure you will be.

Keep in mind that none of this has to do with race or black men in America. It has to do with good police procedure. Cops can't afford to take peoples' word for much, or else they end up shot.

So what is it with Gates? Perhaps he believes too much of his own BS. Maybe he takes himself too seriously. Maybe had that race card burning a hole in his pocket, maybe he had a whole deck.

Regardless, Henry Gates is cheapening what the pioneers that fight the REAL civil rights fight. He is crying wolf to the detriment of those who really suffer from racism in this country. Everytime a Henry Gates surfaces playing 52 Race Card Pickup, the rest of America sighs and shakes their heads.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Monstrosity that is Obamacare

Do you remember when the US healthcare system was you, going to the doctor? Maybe you had private health insurance and paid a $10-$50 co-pay? Then you'd go the pharmacy to get some prescritpions? The good old days when your healthcare was between you, your family, your doctor and your pharmacist?

Well my friends, those days could be gone! I present to you: ObamaCare!

If you'd like a closer look at this beast have a look here:

In the mean time get on the phone to your Congressman and tell them to vote NO on this.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bunking one of The Left's cases for "Cap and Trade"

When confronted with the fact that the US is not even close to being the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gasses; that we infact come in well behind China in that realm. When these facts are presented in the CO2 tax/cap/trade/regulate/ debate we are often told the following:

"It's time for America to lead the way, when America begins regulating carbon, China and the others will follow our lead."

My response is, "Like they have on human rights?"

Call your Senator and tell them no on Cap and Trade.

Obama chooses not to 'meddle' unless leftists are on the losing end.

A few weeks ago Iran was engulfed in civil unrest, that's putting it lightly. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "won" re-election to that office over someone seen as a reformer. The people of Iran felt like they'd just been had. And with the number of ballots cast exceeding the number of those eligible to vote by 25% or more I think they were on to something. The people came out in numbers to protest and were met with nothing short of brutal oppression by the regime, including the outright murder of protesters. The violence raged on for what seemed like an eternity with no comment of even acknowledgement from President Obama. When Obama did speak on these events, the commentary was bland, at best.

More recently, President Manuel Zelaya, noted leftist and all around lackey of Hugo Chavez and the Castros, was kicked out of office. Honduras has a constitutional ammendment limiting the President to one term. Zelaya's term was to be up in 2010. That was not enough time for President Zelaya's liking. He insisted that the constitution be ammended so he can stay in power. The other branches of government and even Zelaya's own party refused this.

Zelaya basically said, screw you, and moved forward to have referrendum ballots handed out (printed by Hugo Chavez's regime.) The other branches of government used their constitutional powers to have Zelaya removed from office. Zelaya was arrested, taken out of the country and let go.

Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Fidel Castro and Barack Obama were very quick to denounce the government of Honduras for this "military coup" (you're one to talk Fidel.) President Obama quickly lost his distaste for "meddling" when a dedicated socialist leftie was on the losing end of the stick.

Here are a few facts about the situation in Honduras:

-Zelaya was attempting to subvert the Constitution of the Honduras.

-The actions taken by the Judicial and Legislative branches and the military were prescribed by the law.

-There was no bloodshed.

-Zelaya was removed by members of his own party; this was not a case of idealogues overthrowing each other.

So why does Obama not like what is going on in Honduras? It is a reminder that his power grabs are being watched and he does not like it when socialists lose. Ask yourself, would Obama meddle if instead of Honduras it were Columbia (with a conservative/capialist President)? I thing not.