Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rev. Wright says America must "confess" for slavery.

In an interview with Bill Moyers, Rev. Jeremiah Wright stated that he would go after Barack Obama if he were to become President. Wright's reason for this is that Obama will be the leader of a broken system.

Wright then went on to say that he will not stop until America confesses to slavery and apologizes for slavery.

Reverend Wright, the government of the United States of America has confessed to slavery. It is called, the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment. America did better than apologize for slavery, America (the Union) laid down 364,511 men dead and 281,881 men maimed on the battlefield to end slavery.

Despite what you said, this is not about America, this is about you. It is insufficient to you, that America confessed to slavery and ended slavery 140+ years ago. You want America to confess to you, to apologize to you when in fact you should be thanking America.

Rev. Wright, no one in America today was a slave or a slave owner. In other words, no one today has anything to confess or apologize for in terms of slavery.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Debating Operation Chaos

I was on a road trip with my family and the subject of Operation Chaos came up with my brother. For those who don't know Operation Chaos is the brainchild of Rush Limbaugh. The premise is simple, listeners in states that have upcoming primaries vote in the Democrat primary (as the Republican candidate is already chosen.) If you live in a state that does not have open primaries, switch your registration to Democrat and vote in the primary. The goal is chaos for the sake of chaos. Keep both Clinton in Obama close enough in the primary that neither will drop out. The effect is two-fold, the primary last longer, both candidates beat up on each other and the Democrats spend all of their money. This will force the DNC to lose time on McCain but also to select the nominee based on party insiders and not the voters. Rush, I hope I did you justice there...

Anyway, the topic of Operation Chaos came up because various Democrats are making noise about investigating Limbaugh for voter fraud or some other trumped up charge. My brother does not support Op Chaos citing that it is "manipulation" of the process and thus is not fair. My brother also feels that it is beneath Republicans to participate in this process.

Manipulation. That is the operative word. The entire premise of voting is manipulation. You go down to the booth and try to alter the outcome of the election. I can vote for whoever I choose and so can anyone else, no matter how ridiculous. If we ever get to the point where the government or anyone else tells us who or why to vote we are finished as a nation.

Also, if we are going to just line up all Republicans and say they can only vote Republican and registered Democrats can only vote Democrat then why bother with voting at all? Why not just count by registration?

The vote is what is important. I can vote for who I want for any reason. That concept transcends anyone in this election.

Dear Senator McCain, It is not racist to criticize Barack Obama...

There is a power struggle in the Republican Party. I saw this struggle coming months ago when it became clear that John McCain was going to be the Republican candidate for President. Since losing the Republican primary in 2000 John McCain has steadily dumped his own party for 8 years. John McCain made a name for himself as a liberal enabler or, as they say in the media, a maverick.

Senator McCain apparently wants to conduct this years presidential race on the basis that he is going to play nice with the opposing team. Apparently this includes not criticizing the character of his potential opponents.

This week the RNC in North Carolina let out an ad for the gubernatorial race criticizing Obama and the Democrat candidates for Governor. The criticism is directed toward Obama's association with lunatic, racist pastor Jeremiah Wright and his anti-America/anti-Caucasian rhetoric.

Senator McCain demanded that the ad be ditched as he found the ad "deplorable." And the struggle ensues. McCain has made it clear that he does not need conservatives and that he does not respect conservatives; and now he wants to issue marching orders? I don't think so.

Is race a factor in this election? Yes. Is racism is a factor in this election? You bet. Are there people out there who will not vote for Obama because he is black? Absolutely. Are there also people who will vote for Obama specifically because he is black? Without a doubt.

Let me make this perfectly clear to everyone. Criticizing Barack Obama's character, policies and associations is not racist. I don't like Barack Obama's socialist policies, I don't like his elitist attitude, I don't like his assumption people want more government and I don't like his apparent dislike of this country. And it is not racist to say so.