Monday, March 22, 2010

It's not a pill, it's a supository.

Last night, the Democrat led House passed the Democrat Senate's take over of the American health care system. Betweenweighing in at around $1 Trillion, and knowing that no government entitlement EVER has stuck to a budget this thing could very well bankrupt the country. After it's passage, Obama stated the following, "We proved that this government — a government of the people and by the people — still works for the people."

Really? At the last count, 45% strongly opposed the bill while 24% strongly support it. Well more than half of the people oppose it in general.

Make no mistake, this was not done to cover more people with health insurance. This was done to control more of our lives and more of our economy. There were six ways from Sunday to expand coverage. This bill will not start dishing out benefits until 2013, meanwhile you get taxed for it now. This gives the illusion that it is budget neutral. In fact we will be Trillions in the hole. Another trick is that they are cutting Medicare by $500 Billion, then using it to fund the new bill TWICE!

Let's get to Bart Stupak. This is the guy who could have stopped this. Stupak ran with the ruse that he was pro-life. In the end he caved and threw pro-life overboard with Obama making an executive order that there would not be federal funding of abortion. Problem is, it's in the bill. The President cannot override legislation with an executive order. It was a sham. The myth of the pro-life Democrat has been shattered.

Republicans are vowing to fight the additional crap the Dems are trying to put in this bill. But the real fight change this starts with us. We have to remove the Democrats from power in November.