Saturday, November 12, 2016

How The Left Lost.

It's been a long time.  I typically don't take to the blog because I just don't have a whole lot of drive for it.

Anyway, after this week I've been thinking about just how did Donald Trump soundly defeat the political and media establishment?  Before I begin, let's give props to Trump for being the ultimate David vs. Goliath story.  For one thing it is more like David vs. GoliathS.  In the past one year, four months and change Trump has defeated: The DNC, the RNC, the Clintons, The Bushes, the big TV networks, the biggest news papers, cable news, late night television, Hollywood and Silicon Valley, just to name a few.

So how did this happen?  Relax, I'll tell you; and it's not anything as banal as "misogyny won ."  OR, "Racist America showed up!!!!11!"  But that comes in later.  Here goes:


In my lifetime, I remember the nine Presidential campaigns prior to 2016.  In every single one of those campaigns, the chief argument the Democrat had against the Republican boiled down to, "He's a racist, sexist, homophobe, who doesn't care about the little people."  Every.  Single.  Time.  Even though, they were clearly making shit up and crying wolf, it worked.

In 2008, something changed.  A black man ran for and won the Presidency.  Poor John McCain was easier on Barack Obama than he was George W. Bush eight years prior.  The kid gloves were presumably so that he wouldn't be called racist.  Ditto for Mitt Romney in 2012.  It didn't work.  Regardless, we did it!  We put a black man in the White House, overwhelmingly.  Then we re-elected him!  If THAT doesn't prove how far we've come from slavery and Jim Crowe, I don't know what does.

But something went wrong.  We veered left.

The Obama Era:

When Barack Obama won the nomination and subsequently the Presidency, instead of retiring the race card, the Left doubled down.  Any and ALL criticism, resistance, disagreement with the agenda of Barack Obama was deemed "racist."  There's no other way to put it.  Don't get me wrong, there are tried and true, Bull Connor racists out there to this day.  But your Uncle Joe who was concerned about the federal government not having a budget for eight years isn't one of them.

In the Obama era, it's not that the person who runs against Barack Obama is a racist, the people who vote for against Obama are as well.  Being called a racist is one of the worst things you can be accused of being. It's the highest form of insult.

All White People Are Racist:

The Obama era is partially characterized by white people supporting President Obama simply to absolve themselves of white guilt.  The Left had a different idea.  That idea, coming by way of media and university alike is this:  All White People Are Racist.

Racism is no longer an attitude, or characterized by how you think about or treat others.  You're born with it.  It is your original sin.  According to the con men (did I just assume their gender?) on the left, you cannot get rid of it.

Let me break down what the Left just did:

Racist = the worst thing a person can be

White People = Racist


White People = the worst thing a person can be

Further, they added the condition that no one but white people can be racist.  Therefore it is impossible to be racist against a white person.  Violence toward whites escalated.

The Everyone Gets a Trophy Generation Goes to College:

Following the suit of All White People Are Racist, every other fringe activist group implemented the exact same tactic.  All straight people are homophobes.  All men are misogynists.  So on and so on.  This was huge on social media with hashtag activism.

All one had to do was take to Twitter or Facebook to accuse someone of being racist, bigot, homophobe or cis gendered scum and there'd be a pile on.  Whether the person under attack was actually any of that was irrelevant.

Make no mistake, offering up anything short of complete and total adulation for the issue du jour, was a sin.  Take Dan Cathy, for example.  The owner of Chic-Fil-A was asked about his philanthropy toward Christian marriage programs.  He did nothing more that state he's a fan of traditional marriage and is very supportive of it.  Not once did he mention being against homosexuality.  His company has never discriminated.  Yet, the virtual lynch mob was out in force.

When gays won the right to marry, it wasn't enough.  The next front was to force it down the throats of people who didn't agree with homosexuality.  As a business owner you were not allowed to respectfully decline.

Adding to that, the myth of rape culture, and islamophobia 

Center-right people began shrinking away from debating the issues.

Going Underground and the Rise of the Shitlord:

Online opposition the Left began to shrink.  Let's face it, most working people don't want the hassle of dealing with dozens of millennials calling them names on Twitter.  Additionally, way too many people lost their jobs or were otherwise ruined.

Long story short, if we ignore them and don't engage, maybe they'll shut the fuck up and leave us alone.

The Left took this as total victory.  The Left is not gracious in victory.  If the Left were an NFL team they would not spike the ball on the game winning touch down.  They'd spike the ball, shoot the opposing teams coach, shit on his casket and give his kids a golden shower.

Even when keeping politics offline, people were harassed.  More and more the Left harped about whites, racism, misogyny, rape culture, et al. ad nauseam.

Having enough, some began to fight back.  These are people who had nothing to lose.  These shitlords began calling out the Left and dropping "hate facts" on the Internet.  Because so many felt like they could not speak their minds, they began to live vicariously through the shitlords.  Normal people had a voice against the insanity of the Left.

The Clinton Campaign:

Hillary Clinton was not nominated as the Democrat Presidential candidate, so much as she was anointed.  She was set up against a 70 something year old communist, a Republican with a D next to his name and the shitty mayor of Baltimore from The Wire.  The deck was stacked.  But something went wrong...

Everyone knows Hillary Clinton is a crook.  She's also been around for the entire life of the 20 somethings voting in 2016.  Despite the woman card (which was unintentionally deprecated by her own party when they embraced people choosing pan-sexual-furry-toenail as a gender), she IS the establishment.  Young people began to go in droves to Sanders.

The DNC and media establishment had other ideas.  As revealed in Wikileaks, the primary was rigged.  The party was not united.

Combine that with the Left insisting they didn't need the white working class vote.  They pandered to everything else.  But if you're white and living paycheck (NOT welfare check) to paycheck, then piss off...

The Trump Campaign:

When Donald Trump road the escalator down to history, the Republican Party was staring down the barrel of another Bush.  When Trump announced his running, he spoke directly to the people the Left said they didn't need.  The people the Democrats AND Republicans threw over for globalism.  The people who resisted amnesty for illegal immigrants time and again.  And the Left laughed.  And mocked.  More importantly, they insulted and speculated about anyone who would vote for Trump.

After decades of crying wolf, he was really the wolf this time.  Racist, bigot, misogynist, all of the above.  Instead of trying to beg for mercy, Trump did something no other Republican did, he fought back.  He met insult with witty comebacks and insults.  He did it publicly, and he did it openly and he survived.  He was a shitlord.  He had an army of shitlords ready to follow him.

The media continued to heap labels upon Trump and anyone who would support him.  This did not dissuade people.  The Left cast people as monsters and like Frankenstein's monster, they began to embrace it.  Besides, as Syndrome said, "When everyone's special, no one is."  The same applies to everyone being racist, misogynist and so on.

The Clinton campaign incited violence at rallies.  Clinton supporters carried that violence to the streets.  Videos of young black men and women beating the shit out of old ladies who wore Trump hats resonated.  How did Left respond?  They insinuated that if you supported Trump you deserved it.

The March to Victory:

Beaten and insulted, the only person who spoke white working class people was Donald Trump.  Then Wikileaks, the FBI and Guccifer hit.  What everyone already knew or at least suspected was confirmed.  The Clintons are the most corrupt force in American politics.  Ever.  Period.

Rigging elections, media collusion, campaign finance fraud, inciting violence, selling arms to ISIS, it's all there.

They countered with doubling down on Trump's misogyny.  The impact was softened by the fact Hillary had covered for Bill's own misogyny.

The media all along had tried to play down Trump by rigging polls and announcing it was a done deal.  The media abandoned all charade of being objective.

In the end, the big surprise happened.  Trump won.


The lessons the Left should have learned is to actually listen to and engage with those with whom they disagree.  I'm not confident.  Media is already in overdrive tell all of us why we voted for Trump.  

It ain't because we didn't want to support corrupt establishment politicians.  It wasn't because we wanted someone to put America first.  It wasn't we were tired of being insulted.  You guessed it, misogyny, racism and so on...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Ferguson Riots, Firearms and Progressives.

I've long maintained that progressivism (or modern liberalism) is really a loosely knit collection of incompatible ideas based on emotion and naivete.  Progressivism dictates that people be treated differently based on demographic information.  Periodically, I like to shine a light on this.

Recently there have been a series of protests against the actions of law enforcement.  The protests were met with a heavily armed and militarized police force to contain and shut down the protest.  Progressives in this country called for the protesters to be arrested and locked.  They called for law enforcement to arm up, go in, and if they needed to shoot the protesters.

I am of course talking about the stand off at the Bundy Ranch.

Months ago when a militarized BLM showed up at the Bundy Ranch, they were met with an armed populace.  Progressives were beside themselves.  Aside from calling for drone strikes against the Bundy Protesters, they reverted to a common refrain:  "Only the police and military should have guns."

Fast forward to today.  Progressives are lamenting a militarized police force in Ferguson, MO (as are libertarians, with conservatives split).  We could also talk about progressives being for animal rights and the wholesale slaughter of Bundy's cattle at the same time too.  If only there were a way for citizens to counteract the siege of their city...

Meanwhile, those of us who support the Second Amendment understand that's what it's there for.

Not just to protect against a tyrannical state, but the hordes of rioters and looters destroying Ferguson.

Unsurprisingly, rioters were not interested in this strip mall.  No one was hurt, not a shot was fired.  The don't call guns "peacemakers" for nothing.

What lessons will be learned from this?  None.  The Right already knew, and the Left will be back to disarming civilians and militarizing the police in no time.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Soooo, it looks like the USSR is on its way back.

Putin is apparently starting his rebuilding of the USSR with Crimea.  And NOW, his propagandists are crowing about Russia's nuclear weapons arsenal and turning the USA in to radioactive dust.  Of course it is going this route.

There are two things to consider:

1.  The Russian military is not spectacular by any stretch.  But they have nukes.

2.  Russia's economy is dependent on natural gas and oil exports.

As the Russians stated, they can turn the US in to ash.  As for Europe, well they are loving that cheap Russian gas and oil.  Any action by Europe against Russia will trigger an embargo.  Europe and Russia will play chicken to see who blinks first.

So how would one deal with this?  Wouldn't it be nice if there were some kind of counter measure against Russian ICBMs?  It would have to be some place strategically located in Europe.  Maybe, Finland, or I know!  Poland.  It would be a shield against missiles.  We could call it a "missile shield."  I seem to remember we were working on a program like that.  I wonder what happened to it?  Something about flexibility...

Then there's Russia's monopoly on oil and natural gas.  I'm pretty sure Russia would think twice if Europe to rally another source of natural resources.  If only they weren't the only game in town.  I hear that Canada and northern US states are pulling a lot of oil and natural gas these days.  If only there were some kind of pipeline to get it to a major US port...  I thought there was some kind of project called the Keystone pipeline that was going to do that.  I wonder what happened to that?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Post Mortem on the Government Shutdown/Debt Ceiling/Obamacare/Screwing Over of the American Taxpayer.

I don't know where to start.  There's just so much going through my mind on this.  I've been reading about and thinking about the fiscal deal for almost 24 hours.  I'm amazed, sad, offended and in a state of disbelief.  I'll start here, I am continually amazed at how the Republican party establishment can screw things up so badly.  Under normal circumstances I would call it incompetence, but it is some much more than that.

Take a look at where we were, where we were going and where we ended up on this whole deal.  We went in to this fight with REAL spending cuts via the Sequester.  You know, the one that was going to end life as we knew it several months ago.  Obamacare on the verge of being implemented, and Obama asking the US taxpayer to go another $1 trillion or so in debt.  Led by the TEA Party, the House of Representatives fought to defund Obamacare.  President Barack Obama refused to negotiate, while accusing the Republicans of not negotiating and "hostage taking."  This led to the government shutdown.  If anyone was expecting the mainstream media to be objective in this, you should know better by now.  While Republicans in the House offered resolution after resolution to fund parts of government Barack Obama and Harry Reid refused to negotiate.  All the while the fifth column media did their part to put this on the TEA Party.  After all the talk of compromise, the House offered it.  It was the Democrats that would not compromise.

If it was not bad enough that the conservatives had to contend with the onslaught from the White House, Reid and the media, the Republican establishment piled on.

What was the grand plan of the Republican Establishment?  Allow Obamacare to be implemented, it's going to fail, we can win elections off of that; and we'll get rid of it later.  That brings me to a pop quiz.  What was the last failed entitlement program to get shut down?  What was the last program to get reformed?  There isn't one.  At all.  Mitch McConnell can't be this stupid, but he's banking on us to be.  The implementation of Obamacare means more people working for the government, more people in unions, more instances of five people doing a job that could be done by one.  All at the expense of the US taxpayer with no value add.  It is also going to mean even more people dependent on government.

Killing Obamacare in 2017 after the great Republican victory for President and by houses of Congress will mean one thing.  Taking entitlements away and cutting federal jobs.  How's that going to work?  What happened when George Bush tried to reform Social Security?  Hell, what happened last weekend when the EBT system was down for a few hours.  No one is going to touch that.  I can see the commercials now about how Rand Paul, or Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz want to take away your healthcare.  Hell they're doing it now.  If the Republican establishment doesn't have the stones for the fight they just had, they aren't going to have the stones to remove Obamacare once (if!) they get a majority and the White House.

As the deadline neared for the supposed default (not really) the Republican establishment wrested the fight from the TEA Party Republicans to show them how it is done.  And boy did they!  The government is back open, and at what cost?  Obamacare lives, debt ceiling is effectively ∞, AND they agreed to do away with the Sequester cuts.  Congratulations!  You just gave Obama EVERYTHING he wanted, and then some.

How could this happen?  Simple.  The Republican establishment views the TEA Party as the enemy.  The TEA Party upsets the status quo.  They loved the TEA Party conservatives in 2010.  In 2011, the TEA Party conservatives took office.  They were not ones to go back on their promises.  They did not want to play the game.  Since that time the Republican Party establishment has thrown its weight behind anyone who will oppose the TEA Party.  

I don't know about you, but come primary season I am voting against the Republican establishment.  In the general, the establishment Republican is running, I'm going Libertarian.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thoughts on Boston, the media and slandering the Right.

As I was sitting in front of the television last night around seven o'clock I could feel that the nightmare in Boston was drawing to a close.  When they announced that they had him, and had him alive I was shocked.  I was also proud of the law enforcement officers and how professionally they handled this.  Monday, Boston showed the world that when tragedy strikes, you don't hide.  You don't run, cower or beg.  When the bombs go off, you run toward them.  Law enforcement showed us, this is how you apprehend a ghost.

The media?  Once again a failure.  Falsely reporting rumors as facts is just part of it.

Today I am writing about politicizing the story, assigning an agenda to it.

What I saw after the story broke about the April 15th bombing wasn't just speculation that the bomber was a "right wing extremist."  I saw hope that it was.  Watching the coverage, over and over the media figures posited about, "anti-government," "extreme right wing," "tax day" and the like.

Even more blatant were many of the well known scumbags on Twitter.  Michael Moore, not quite coming right out and saying it, but giving the old wink wink, nudge nudge, tweets of "Tax Day.  Patriot's Day."  David Sirota, who apparently doesn't understand the difference between political disagreements and hate/lack of sympathy, wrote an article in Salon titled, "Let's Hop the Boston Marathon Bomber is a White American."  Geraldo Rivera weighed with similar opinions.

Once the facts came out, the media went silent.  No correction, no apologies, just silent.

And this is not the first time.

When DA's in Texas were being assassinated, immediately it was the "extreme right wing."  Turned out to be a disgruntled wife.

When James Holmes shot up the Aurora Theater, the media reported that the 20 something perp was a middle aged TEA Party member.

When Faisal Shahzad planted a bomb in Time Square on New Years Eve there were similar reactions and speculation.  Michael Bloomberg stated blamed the TEA Party.

When Gabbie Giffords was shot, they blamed the TEA Party and talk radio.  That was until classmates described Jared Lee Loughner as "left wing."

When the anarchists plotted to blow up a bridge outside of Cleaveland, they rushed to blame right wing extremists.  It turned out they were connected to the Occupy Movement.  To Occupy's credit, no one at Occupy would go along.

When Joseph Stack crashed his plane into the IRS offices in Austin, TX, the media and left claimed it was because he was a right winger.  Then his suicide note quoted the Communist Manifesto.

The Beltway Snipers were said to extreme right wing or Christian militants.  John Allen Muhammad was a member of the Nation of Islam.

The list goes on.  Every time their lies are proven wrong, they never apologize, they never retract, they just leave it out there.  Like Dan Rather on the forged Bush AWOL documents, they are false, but accurate.

Are there dangerous extreme right wing groups out there?  Sure.  But there is a second tier to this.

Look at the way the media throws around the word "extreme."  It is used to describe the KKK, the Aryan Brotherhood, the TEA Party and the Republican Party.  It is used to describe anyone who is devout Christian, anyone who is pro second amendment and who wants smaller government.

Formula is simple, label people you disagree with, TEA Party, Republicans, et al. with the same thing you label bad guys with, KKK, Separatist Militias, and so on.  Make them indistinguishable in mind of the public.  Stretch it as much as you need to.  Then when an act of terror can be pinned on the "extreme right wing" it was be as if it WERE the Republicans or TEA Party or your grandpa.

That's what this is about.  Slandering and marginalizing non liberal, progressive, leftists.  To make them appear a certain way so their ideas can be silenced.

Who knows, maybe they'll get a violent right winger on the next one.  Afterall, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Preventing The Next Child Killing Tragedy With "Common Sense" Reforms.

One woman, seven children, eight counts of murder.  That's the charge.  The details are grisly with tales of scissors jammed into necks, screams silenced and body parts in a freezer.  It is a scene out of a horror movie.

You may be thinking that I am writing about some other shooting that is tearing across the headlines.  Instead I am talking about the murders that are currently subject to a media blackout.  That is the murder trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell.  Gosnell is an abortion doctor who was sued after the death of a patient. The resulting investigation yielded that Gosnell's facility was a house of horrors.

During their testimonies, former employees of Gosnell told stories of babies being born, only to be killed directly afterward.  One woman testified that she was handed a prematurely born infant with no eyes or mouth and told to "deal with it."  Other stories included jamming scissors into the neck of infants and snipping the spinal cord.  The idea of "aborting" babies that survive abortion is not new, and is actually supported by President Obama.

But I think we can all agree that this is a horrible atrocity.  The question is how we go about preventing the next one.  Predictably, Huffington Post weighed on the issue that this was caused by there not being enough access to abortions.  You can't make this stuff up.

I would like to propose some "common sense" reforms that would prevent similar tragedies.

To begin, we need to set up an abortion waiting period.  When, a person shows up at the abortion clinic they need to fill out the proper background checks and federal paperwork.  Then they can wait three days to determine if they really mean to have an abortion.  We can call this a "cooling off period."

Second, there should be mental health checks.  Is a person with a history of mental illness really capable of handling something as important as having an abortion?

Third, we should probably look at frequent abortion recipients.  I mean why do they need to have so many abortions.  I think that one or two should be enough.

Finally, we should crack down on abortion providers.  There is an entire industry that makes money off of providing abortions.  These "high capacity" facilities should be made illegal.  No more than ten per day.

In all seriousness, the murder trial of Kermit Gosnell is currently in the middle of a media blackout.  Now granted, the news media can't wait to editorialize about Sandy Hook four months after the fact, or devote segments to what the latest vapid celebrity is wearing.  Make no mistake, the blackout on Kermit Gosnell is to protect abortion and keep the horrid truth about the practice from seeing the light of day.

Monday, December 10, 2012

When Politicians Talk Numbers: A Counter-Stupid Primer

This has most certainly been a year of numbers.  When not side-tracked by discussing the epidemic of rape-pregnancy (you would think that 9 out of 10 pregnancies were the result of rape as much as it was discussed) this year's campaign was about the economy and the numbers.  A trillion dollars here a few billion dollars there and so on.

The key to this is that it is largely all a bunch of B.S.

Oh make no mistake The United States of America has been running a One Trillion Dollar deficit. But when you hear a politician talk about their plans to fix it?  Get on your hip waders.  This goes for pro-tax Democrats and pro-cut Republicans.  Let's not forget the media either, they are complicit in this as well.

Let's look at what Republicans are proposing.  According to Reuters in "Fiscal Cliff" negotiations the Republicans proposed "steep" cuts of $600 billion dollars.  Democrats are mad as hell about this, because it "guts" (one of the many favorite terms of politicians) so many programs.  I mean out of our $3.7 TRILLION "budget" (one hasn't been passed since Obama took office) $600 billion makes quite the dent in our $1 trillion deficit, right?

Oh wait.  That $600 billion we were just talking about?  It's $600 billion over ten years.  So in actuality, it is $60 billion per year against $1 trillion per year in deficits.  That's 6% of the deficit.  That's like leaving a $1.20 tip on a $20 meal.  What's more ridiculous than that?  The Obama and Democrats response to it.  The $60 billion is against $3.7 trillion in yearly spending.  That's 1.6%. That's leaving a $0.32 tip on a $20 meal.  It's $0.016 on the dollar.  And Obama and Democrats are going on about they're "gutting" this or that and the elderly dying and eating dog food.  The media goes right along with it (the Democrats and media do a great job of forming an echo chamber of BS).

The Republicans aren't out of the woods here though.  They have the same reaction anytime cuts are proposed regarding defense spending.  The so-called fiscal cliff is going to "gut" $500 billion from defense spending!!!  Oh wait, it's over ten years, so it's actually $50 billion.  Out of $700 billion per year.  Or 7%, still not an acceptable tip.

But what about Barack Obama?  What's he proposing?  Obama has some very definite ideas.  Obama wants to get those pesky "millionaires and billionaires" and make them pay their fair share!  Yeah, Warren Buffet even came out and said that Obama needs to raise those tax rates.  And it's going to raise $800 billion!!!  Oops.  Again, that's over ten years.  $80 billion per year, on a $1 trillion deficit.  But wait!  There's more!  That's going to give Obama wiggle room for Obama to "invest" (can't say stimulus) another $200 billion in spending.  Or as we've established here $20 billion per year, right?  Wrong.

That's right, Obama wants to "fix the deficit" by raising $80 billion per year in taxes (read not even a dent) then spend another $200 billion per year!  Let that sink in.  Got it?  Good.

From this we establish a couple of rules whenever politicians and their lap dogs in the media talk numbers.

Rule 1#: Spending figures are quoted per year.

Rule 2#: Spending/budget cuts, revenue and tax increases (and tax cuts for that matter) are always quoted over ten years.

Keep this in mind when listening to these jokers.