Saturday, May 30, 2009

On waterboarding hoopla.

OK I am back from a hiatus.

I was talking to a liberal friend and he brought up a video he saw of Mancow getting waterboarded. If you have seen this video it is pretty interesting.  He is being volunarily waterboarded by US Military personnel.  In the video the waterboarding begins and Mancow quickly ends the waterboarding session.  Mancow states that even though he hates to admit it, it is torture.

This led me to a video of Christopher Hitchens getting the same thing.  Hitchens was challenged that if he did not believe waterboarding was that big of a deal then he should get waterboarded.  Hitches accepted the challenge.  Like Mancow, Christopher Hitchens lasted only seconds when actually getting waterboarded.

The left and the YouTube communists have labelled this as a victory about the horrors and torture of waterboarding.

But let me ask this.  Is it REALLY torture?  I mean honestly.  Everything is relative.  What did the NVA do to John McCain?  What did Saddam Hussein do to his prisoners?  When you enter that realm, that is REAL torture.  Limbs broken, fingernails pulled out, burning.  Look at what they did to people in the middle ages.  When you compare waterboarding to these things that were and are being done today.  Waterboarding does not even rate.

I'm sure waterboarding sucks to have done to you.  I'm sure it is a very unpleasant experience.  And I'm sure Mancow and Hitchens hated every minute of it.  But the fact that both of these men stepped up and willingly had this done to them makes it not torture.

You don't see people lining up to the get the interogation techniques favored by say, Kim Jong Il, applied to them.  You don't see people asking to have their teeth broken off with pliers a la John McCain.  The fact that media types are lining up to have this done like its the next big ride at Six Flags makes it not torture.