Sunday, August 31, 2008

Don Fowler "apologizes" for hurricane remark; blames "right wing nutcase."

In a statement reported by ABC News Don Fowler "apologizes" for joking about about the coming hurricane Gustav. In typical fashion he led his apology with the old "if anyone was offended..." fake apology. In other words he wasn't wrong. He's just upset that the true Don Fowler was exposed to the public.

He then goes on to lay blame on the "right wing nutcase" who exposed him.

One thing is perfectly clear, Fowler is not sorry for what he said. He is sorry it was made public. Liberals cannot afford to have their true selves exposed to the light of the public eye.

Prediction: Now Democrats will accuse Republicans of playing politics with Gustav.

As we've seen in the past couple of days, Democrats and Liberals are ecstatic that Hurricane Gustav is on track to hit New Orleans during the Republican National Convention. From Michael Moore to Don Fowler they laughed, joked and even praised God that the hurricane could be used to make Republicans look bad. The fifth column in the MSM was sure to display side by side video of hurricane damage and refugees along side the RNC.

Now there has been a monkey wrench thrown in those works. The RNC is canceling most of its activities for tomorrow. President Bush has been in contact with Gulf coast governors and mayors; and has been in contact and on site at FEMA. John McCain has stated that the tone of the convention will change as well.

Without footage of Republicans celebrating while a hurricane strikes what is the Democrat-Liberal-Media alliance to do? The answer is easy. They will accuse the Republicans of playing politics. Bush doesn't really care, he visited FEMA for a "photo op." Ad nauseam.

Simply disgusting.

For Democrats and Liberals, your pain equals their gain. Part 2.

So we have Michael Moore relishing the fact that Hurricane Gustav will likely ravage New Orleans as Katrina did three years ago because it can be used to make Republicans look bad. But surely this is not all Democrats that feel this way, right? I mean Michael Moore is the exception, right?

Well, here is Don Fowler, former head of the DNC, laughing and joking about Hurricane Gustav hitting New Orleans during the RNC. Will chuckling about the impending disaster he remarks that "God is on our side." Party of the little guy? How about party of the little guy serving as a sacrifice?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

For Democrats and Liberals, your pain equals their gain.

Vile left wing propagandist Michael Moore has made fortune from exploiting the tragedies of others. From Bowling for Columbine to Fahrenheit 9/11 to Sicko Michael Moore has managed to turn the suffering of others into a pile of cash and an attack on Republicans and conservatives. All the while he masquerades himself as a champion of the little guy.

With Hurricane Gustav bearing down on the Gulf of Mexico and possibly headed toward New Orleans what is on Michael Moore's mind? Is it sympathy for the people forced to flee that are still trying to pick up the pieces after Katrina and now must face this? Is it that he should donate to the Red Cross? No.

Michael Moore sees gain. Michael Moore sees benefit. Michael Moore is welcoming this tragedy with open arms. While appearing on Keith Olbermann's show Michael Moore had this to say, "I was just thinking, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in heaven..." Michael Moore is tickled that the Hurricane will make landfall as the Republican National Convention starts as it will allow him and other Democrats take political advantage of the situation.

You can watch the video of Michael Moore yucking it up with Olbermann here.

In the evil, diseased mind of a hardcore leftard like Michael Moore, it is acceptible that hundreds and thousands suffer so long as it can be used to make Republicans look bad and for political advantage. This is who he is and who the left is in this country.

Interesting Obama supporter input

I'm in a public place this afternoon, a waiting room. I here two people talking over a news paper. The woman scoffs, "This must be some kind of joke. Choosing a woman to be vice president. What the hell is a woman supposed to do as vice president. Barack has got this sewn up. They just made it easier, good." Her husband/boyfriend/baby-daddy just laughs.

That's right ladies, find your way back to the kitchen. You have no place in the man's world.

Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's VeeP pick.

I was on lunch today when the announcement came out about Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate. I ate lunch in my car and listened to her acceptance speech. For all of the buzz I hear about Obama's speeches, this lady blew any of Obama's speeches out of the water.

Mrs. Palin's speech was exciting, positive and moving. She did not talk about how bad America is. She didn't run anyone down. She didn't play anyone against each other. She conveyed that she takes her role as a public servant as just that, a servant; not a messiah.

Sarah Palin also did something that Obama has been unable or unwilling to do: Go down the list point by point, bullet by bullet what she has accomplished while in office.

Obama America Part 1

So what can you expect from an Obama America? ABC News producer Asa Eslocker found out first hand. While doing a story for ABC News on special interests and big money lobbyists cuddling up with Democrats at Obama's corronation, Eslocker was roughed up and arrested.

Eslocker was not given a real reason why he was being arrested, just that the complaint came from the hotel where he was filming Democrats and lobbyists rubbing elbows.

For all the lefties talking about Bush stripping our rights, how about that first ammendment? Freedom of the press so long as it cannot hurt Barack Obama. You can read the story and watch the arrest video here. See if you can spot the part where the cops offer to knock Asa out.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clinton conspiracy afoot at convention?

There has been alot of buzz around the web and news that Hillary will make one final attempt for the nomination at the Democrat National Convention. The belief here is that all the delegates will be seated and counted. This will make the pledged delegate count close, showing Hillary to be a strong candidate. This will, in theory, be followed by some form of "draft Hillary" movement on the floor or whatever.

As much as a I would love to see it, this is not going to happen. Hillary will not try to hijack the nomination at the convention, there will be a revolt against her. However, Hillary does have a plan.

When the new President of the United States is sworn in she will be 61. If she were to run in 2012 she will be 65, if she runs in 2016 she will be 69. Hillary cannot wait until 2016 to become POTUS, she can however wait 4 years.

My prediction is that from the shadows, the Clinton machine will undermine the Obama campaign with designs to prevent an Obama presidency. McCain wins, Clinton runs against McCain in 2012.

How stupid is Obama and his supporters?

The answer has to be pretty friggin's stupid. Obama recently stated that if he were elected president that we would stop importing no foreign oil in ten years.

Let's take three things into consideration:

1) Obama will not allow the US to drill our own oil.
2) Gasoline is not the only petrolium based product in use in the US.
3) There are approximately 140 million automobiles in the US.

If we are not going to import oil and we are not going to drill our own oil, where exactly are we going to get the oil for the thousands of petrolium based products? Are we going to replace them all with non-oil?

Let's just stick with the automobile angle. No oil means no internal combustion engine. How is Obama going to replace 140,000,000 automobiles in ten years? The answer is he cannot. It took us nearly 100 years to get this many cars on the road. Now Obama thinks it can be undone in ten?

The technology to replace the internal combustion engine does not exist. And even if it existed it would take the better half of 50 years to replace all of the automobiles.

Sorry eco-kooks, the automobile will be causing your imaginary warming for decades to come.

Friday, August 8, 2008

John Edwards admits to affair...

Based on the social morality of the Democrat Party he should have come clean on this during the primaries, then he could have cinched the nomination.

Honestly, notice how the Left, Dems and MSM types are circling the wagons and playing the not so bad card? When several months ago the NYT made up an affair story on McCain. More proof the MSM is in the collective pocket of the Dems.

Russia Invades Georgia... no Senator Obama, not the state.

Russia sent tanks and soldier into Georgia. Does this mean that Code Pink is going over there to protest? No? Too bad.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paying too much for gas? They don't think so: Part 3

The vampire, known as Bela Pelosi, that is sucking the country, its people and its economy dry has a new message for her underlings in the House of Representatives.

That message is to lie to their constituents, that they are for drilling for more oil. Representatives were encouraged to state that they are for more drilling if it will help them keep their seats. On the backend Bela Pelosi will make sure that any bill featuring more drilling will not make it to the floor.

Pelosi's job is to represent the will the of the people and she refuses to do so. Call your congressperson, and demand your voice be heard.

Don't forget in November who has your best interests in mind.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Paying too much for gasoline? They don't think so: Part 2.

House Republicans have been trying to debate, on the floor of the House of Representatives, the issue of removing the Congressional blockade of drilling for oil in ANWR, off shore and elsewhere.

How does Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat elite respond the prospect of getting more resources to us little people? She and her cohorts go on vacation! She ordered the CSPAN cameras to stop recording and the lights turned out.

That is the Democrat party, the self-described party of the little guy. Going on vacation while the rest of us are paying way too much for gasoline. I mean, after all why should San Fran Nan care how her fuel costs, we pay for that too.