Saturday, November 12, 2016

How The Left Lost.

It's been a long time.  I typically don't take to the blog because I just don't have a whole lot of drive for it.

Anyway, after this week I've been thinking about just how did Donald Trump soundly defeat the political and media establishment?  Before I begin, let's give props to Trump for being the ultimate David vs. Goliath story.  For one thing it is more like David vs. GoliathS.  In the past one year, four months and change Trump has defeated: The DNC, the RNC, the Clintons, The Bushes, the big TV networks, the biggest news papers, cable news, late night television, Hollywood and Silicon Valley, just to name a few.

So how did this happen?  Relax, I'll tell you; and it's not anything as banal as "misogyny won ."  OR, "Racist America showed up!!!!11!"  But that comes in later.  Here goes:


In my lifetime, I remember the nine Presidential campaigns prior to 2016.  In every single one of those campaigns, the chief argument the Democrat had against the Republican boiled down to, "He's a racist, sexist, homophobe, who doesn't care about the little people."  Every.  Single.  Time.  Even though, they were clearly making shit up and crying wolf, it worked.

In 2008, something changed.  A black man ran for and won the Presidency.  Poor John McCain was easier on Barack Obama than he was George W. Bush eight years prior.  The kid gloves were presumably so that he wouldn't be called racist.  Ditto for Mitt Romney in 2012.  It didn't work.  Regardless, we did it!  We put a black man in the White House, overwhelmingly.  Then we re-elected him!  If THAT doesn't prove how far we've come from slavery and Jim Crowe, I don't know what does.

But something went wrong.  We veered left.

The Obama Era:

When Barack Obama won the nomination and subsequently the Presidency, instead of retiring the race card, the Left doubled down.  Any and ALL criticism, resistance, disagreement with the agenda of Barack Obama was deemed "racist."  There's no other way to put it.  Don't get me wrong, there are tried and true, Bull Connor racists out there to this day.  But your Uncle Joe who was concerned about the federal government not having a budget for eight years isn't one of them.

In the Obama era, it's not that the person who runs against Barack Obama is a racist, the people who vote for against Obama are as well.  Being called a racist is one of the worst things you can be accused of being. It's the highest form of insult.

All White People Are Racist:

The Obama era is partially characterized by white people supporting President Obama simply to absolve themselves of white guilt.  The Left had a different idea.  That idea, coming by way of media and university alike is this:  All White People Are Racist.

Racism is no longer an attitude, or characterized by how you think about or treat others.  You're born with it.  It is your original sin.  According to the con men (did I just assume their gender?) on the left, you cannot get rid of it.

Let me break down what the Left just did:

Racist = the worst thing a person can be

White People = Racist


White People = the worst thing a person can be

Further, they added the condition that no one but white people can be racist.  Therefore it is impossible to be racist against a white person.  Violence toward whites escalated.

The Everyone Gets a Trophy Generation Goes to College:

Following the suit of All White People Are Racist, every other fringe activist group implemented the exact same tactic.  All straight people are homophobes.  All men are misogynists.  So on and so on.  This was huge on social media with hashtag activism.

All one had to do was take to Twitter or Facebook to accuse someone of being racist, bigot, homophobe or cis gendered scum and there'd be a pile on.  Whether the person under attack was actually any of that was irrelevant.

Make no mistake, offering up anything short of complete and total adulation for the issue du jour, was a sin.  Take Dan Cathy, for example.  The owner of Chic-Fil-A was asked about his philanthropy toward Christian marriage programs.  He did nothing more that state he's a fan of traditional marriage and is very supportive of it.  Not once did he mention being against homosexuality.  His company has never discriminated.  Yet, the virtual lynch mob was out in force.

When gays won the right to marry, it wasn't enough.  The next front was to force it down the throats of people who didn't agree with homosexuality.  As a business owner you were not allowed to respectfully decline.

Adding to that, the myth of rape culture, and islamophobia 

Center-right people began shrinking away from debating the issues.

Going Underground and the Rise of the Shitlord:

Online opposition the Left began to shrink.  Let's face it, most working people don't want the hassle of dealing with dozens of millennials calling them names on Twitter.  Additionally, way too many people lost their jobs or were otherwise ruined.

Long story short, if we ignore them and don't engage, maybe they'll shut the fuck up and leave us alone.

The Left took this as total victory.  The Left is not gracious in victory.  If the Left were an NFL team they would not spike the ball on the game winning touch down.  They'd spike the ball, shoot the opposing teams coach, shit on his casket and give his kids a golden shower.

Even when keeping politics offline, people were harassed.  More and more the Left harped about whites, racism, misogyny, rape culture, et al. ad nauseam.

Having enough, some began to fight back.  These are people who had nothing to lose.  These shitlords began calling out the Left and dropping "hate facts" on the Internet.  Because so many felt like they could not speak their minds, they began to live vicariously through the shitlords.  Normal people had a voice against the insanity of the Left.

The Clinton Campaign:

Hillary Clinton was not nominated as the Democrat Presidential candidate, so much as she was anointed.  She was set up against a 70 something year old communist, a Republican with a D next to his name and the shitty mayor of Baltimore from The Wire.  The deck was stacked.  But something went wrong...

Everyone knows Hillary Clinton is a crook.  She's also been around for the entire life of the 20 somethings voting in 2016.  Despite the woman card (which was unintentionally deprecated by her own party when they embraced people choosing pan-sexual-furry-toenail as a gender), she IS the establishment.  Young people began to go in droves to Sanders.

The DNC and media establishment had other ideas.  As revealed in Wikileaks, the primary was rigged.  The party was not united.

Combine that with the Left insisting they didn't need the white working class vote.  They pandered to everything else.  But if you're white and living paycheck (NOT welfare check) to paycheck, then piss off...

The Trump Campaign:

When Donald Trump road the escalator down to history, the Republican Party was staring down the barrel of another Bush.  When Trump announced his running, he spoke directly to the people the Left said they didn't need.  The people the Democrats AND Republicans threw over for globalism.  The people who resisted amnesty for illegal immigrants time and again.  And the Left laughed.  And mocked.  More importantly, they insulted and speculated about anyone who would vote for Trump.

After decades of crying wolf, he was really the wolf this time.  Racist, bigot, misogynist, all of the above.  Instead of trying to beg for mercy, Trump did something no other Republican did, he fought back.  He met insult with witty comebacks and insults.  He did it publicly, and he did it openly and he survived.  He was a shitlord.  He had an army of shitlords ready to follow him.

The media continued to heap labels upon Trump and anyone who would support him.  This did not dissuade people.  The Left cast people as monsters and like Frankenstein's monster, they began to embrace it.  Besides, as Syndrome said, "When everyone's special, no one is."  The same applies to everyone being racist, misogynist and so on.

The Clinton campaign incited violence at rallies.  Clinton supporters carried that violence to the streets.  Videos of young black men and women beating the shit out of old ladies who wore Trump hats resonated.  How did Left respond?  They insinuated that if you supported Trump you deserved it.

The March to Victory:

Beaten and insulted, the only person who spoke white working class people was Donald Trump.  Then Wikileaks, the FBI and Guccifer hit.  What everyone already knew or at least suspected was confirmed.  The Clintons are the most corrupt force in American politics.  Ever.  Period.

Rigging elections, media collusion, campaign finance fraud, inciting violence, selling arms to ISIS, it's all there.

They countered with doubling down on Trump's misogyny.  The impact was softened by the fact Hillary had covered for Bill's own misogyny.

The media all along had tried to play down Trump by rigging polls and announcing it was a done deal.  The media abandoned all charade of being objective.

In the end, the big surprise happened.  Trump won.


The lessons the Left should have learned is to actually listen to and engage with those with whom they disagree.  I'm not confident.  Media is already in overdrive tell all of us why we voted for Trump.  

It ain't because we didn't want to support corrupt establishment politicians.  It wasn't because we wanted someone to put America first.  It wasn't we were tired of being insulted.  You guessed it, misogyny, racism and so on...