Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back talking to Gibbs the Obama puppet.

Robert Gibbs, in a childish manner similar to most libs, insulted Dick Cheney after Cheney criticized Obama's order to close Gitmo.  This is what the Obama administration had to say about legitimate criticism from a former VeeP, "I guess Rush Limbaugh was busy so they trotted out the next most popular member of the Republican cabal,"


Let's see, Obama's policy on Gitmo is to apparently bring enemy combatants to our country, give them access to our liberties and rights (more than we'd get), and give them a nice high profile trial complete with liberal protesters calling for amnesty a la Tookie Williams.

"For seven-plus years, the very perpetrators that the vice president says he's concerned about weren't brought to justice," Gibbs said.  Oh really?  What do you call being locked up in a prison?  Granted liberal panty wastes like you protested and cried enough to get them nice cushy prayer blankets, better food than I eat and lots and lots of Qurans.

Gibbs also stated, "The president has made quite clear that keeping the American people safe and secure is the most serious job that he has each and every day,"

Well that makes me feel better.  Based on the level of incompetence we're dealing with here, as evidenced by the economy, I'd feel better if Obama said he was trying to sink the country and convert it to Sharia Law.  

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lemmings flock to Chris Brown.

I usually try to avoid anything to do with the entertainment crowd, but the recent Chris Brown mess is just to stupid to pass up.  If you don't know, and I don't blame you if you don't, Chris Brown was recently charged with beating the holy hell out of his girlfriend Rihanna.  In this particular scenario Rihanna got into Chris Brown's car looking like a sexy little pop star at point A.  When the car arrived at point B, Rihanna looked like the dead Apollo Creed in Rocky IV.

Where am I going with all of this?  Since this has happened, Brown has been charged, etc.  There have been several people going to various web outlets like My Space, Facebook, and so on, just giving huge amounts of outpouring adulation.  Not like, "Hey Chris, you messed up, you don't deserve to ever see that woman again.  Hope you do better when you get out in 5 to 10."

I mean these people are flocking to him and basically they don't care what he did because basically he's in rap videos.  Here are some samples, get a bucket:

"One day I..ll meet this crazy man :D and we will make music together. Yeahh!! 
My heart aint a brain but I think that I still love hiiim"

"you absolutally amazing you dont do anything wrong i will support you intill the day i die. you are wonderful dont let a single thing put you down you deserve the best because you are the best please be happy and get back out there and show them what your mad of."


I find it amazing how shallow these people are.  Absolutely no substance (and no spelling.)  I guess anything he does is OK because he makes music and is "sexi"?  I especially love the part where they say that everyone makes mistakes, but they leave off the second part of the mistake equation, consequences.

Sure everyone makes mistakes, but we pay for them.  You run a red light?  Mistake.  Consequence you get a ticket and pay a fine.  You beat the crap out of your girlfriend bad enough that she has to have plastic surgery?  You need to go to jail.  That's the way it should work.  I have not seen any outpouring of support for Rihanna, though.  You hear all about how hard it is what Chris Brown is going through.  WTF's he going throuhg?!  Did he bruise his knuckles?!

And now Rihanna has taken him back, stating that he cries and is sorry sweet after he beats her.  Hello, dummy it's called the honeymoon phase.  No sympathy moving forward, now you are asking for it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama foreign policy incompetence is overshadowed by the economic incompetence.

The economy is all over the news right now.  Obama is still trying to play the blame game on Bush.  I particularly love that little diddy of his where he says that "we inherited a $600 Billion deficit from the previous administration" is the problem; and then he goes on to say he's going to fix the problems caused by said deficit with a $2 Trillion deficit.  Anyway the economy is in the crapper, it's the patient, and he's Dr. Kevorkian.

But I am not here to talk about that right now.  Let's talk about foreign policy.  Remember when Obama said during the campaign that basically the answer to foreign policy was to elect him and everyone would love us again?  Remember how he said he was just going to talk to all those people we didn't have a good relationship with?  It isn't quite working out.

Remember that Obama said that he would talk with Iran, with no pre-conditions?  As soon as he offered that officially he was snubbed.  The Iranian response went something like this, "Well we have pre-conditions for you.  Withdraw all your military forces to within your border, get rid of capitalism and convert to Islam."  Great.

How's it going with Venezuela?  Hugo Chavez has said that Obama is the same is Bush until he saw our economy.  Then he started praising Obama for taking a step in the right direction; and then said he needed to fully adopt socialism.  Great.

Oh, Iraq and Afghanistan.  We are out of Iraq, he essentially gave al Qaeda a date on when they could resume operations.  And did you know we are losing in Afghanistan?  Yeah, according to him we are.

Then there's Russia.  Obama offered, "Dear President Medvedev, we will stop building that missile defense shield that you don't like if you please please please make the Iranians stop building nuclear weapons."  Medvedev responded with, "How about this?  Screw you.  Dismantle the missile shield and we will not give you any help with Iran.  We are not going to barter with you.  We are going to keep helping Iran build nukes.  Have a nice day."

Finally, there's the UK.  Our closest allies.  First Obama snubs the PM saying he was too tired.  Then the PM gives the Obamas really nice gifts.  Obama gives a DVD box set and some models of Marine One ($15 at the White House gift shop.)  As if the British Prime Minister can't buy DVDs.

This administration is a joke and since he's making our country the punchline, it is not a funny joke.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The White House's Enemies List.

It has become official, with a story in Politico about the Obama Administration targeting Rush Limbaugh that the White House has an enemies list.  It's not as if anyone with a brain didn't know that already based on the way the Obama team went after Joe the Plumber for not agreeing Obama on the plundering of our society.

Here's the thing a lot of people aren't getting, it is more than just Limbaugh they are going after.  Sure, Limbaugh is a figure many do not like for one reason or another.  But the Obama enemies list goes deeper than radio hosts and financial reporters.  Obama recently remarked tha that stock market is not important.  If you are like most people with 401k's, IRAs and 403b's you have your retirement plan wrapped up in that market.

Obama is going after our employers, the people who give us work to do, employers are going to shut down.

It goes like those auto dealer commercials, "Do you have a job and $99?"  Then congratulations, you are on the Obama Enemies List.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Why Politico Just Doesn't Get It When Saying Steele Just Doesn't Get It.

After all this time the myth is still out there, the falsehoods about conservative Republicans persists. Roger Simon of Politico.com wrote a piece describing why Michael Steele just doesn't get it. He goes on to characterize that Steele wants the party to court minorities (as Steele has said) and that "hardcore" Republicans, like Limbaugh, are not interested in this.

Mr. Simon goes on to state that hardcore Republicans are more interested in guns, gays and abortion, while Democrats are more interested in "kitchen table" issues of jobs, healthcare and the environment.

OK, let's throw down the B.S. card on the environment being an issue at all. Polling shows the environment and global warming at the bottom of the heap. Then as if to say that Republican voters, pardon me, hardcore Republican voters are not concerned with jobs and healthcare?

Mr. Simon, we are concerned about jobs and healthcare. At this point I am concerned with what the Obama administration is going to do to ruin jobs and healthcare for everyone. Just because we do not support Obama does not mean we don't want jobs! The point here is that Obama's policies are already losing jobs. Healthcare will soon follow. Obama wants to socialize healthcare, look at how that has worked out in Europe, Cuba and Canada. There are businesses whose sole trade is to get Canadians medical treatment in America, because they cannot get it in Canada!

Finally, this whole thing about not being willing to "reach out" to minorities. False, Republicans are willing to reach out to all people, here's the trick, regardless of race, gender, etc. We refuse to put people into different categories or groups. We are supposed to be a classless society where such things do not matter. We are looking for people who share our ideas and beliefs of financial freedom, smaller government and personal responsibility. The notion that someone does not want these things because they are black is asinine. Period.