Friday, March 6, 2009

Why Politico Just Doesn't Get It When Saying Steele Just Doesn't Get It.

After all this time the myth is still out there, the falsehoods about conservative Republicans persists. Roger Simon of wrote a piece describing why Michael Steele just doesn't get it. He goes on to characterize that Steele wants the party to court minorities (as Steele has said) and that "hardcore" Republicans, like Limbaugh, are not interested in this.

Mr. Simon goes on to state that hardcore Republicans are more interested in guns, gays and abortion, while Democrats are more interested in "kitchen table" issues of jobs, healthcare and the environment.

OK, let's throw down the B.S. card on the environment being an issue at all. Polling shows the environment and global warming at the bottom of the heap. Then as if to say that Republican voters, pardon me, hardcore Republican voters are not concerned with jobs and healthcare?

Mr. Simon, we are concerned about jobs and healthcare. At this point I am concerned with what the Obama administration is going to do to ruin jobs and healthcare for everyone. Just because we do not support Obama does not mean we don't want jobs! The point here is that Obama's policies are already losing jobs. Healthcare will soon follow. Obama wants to socialize healthcare, look at how that has worked out in Europe, Cuba and Canada. There are businesses whose sole trade is to get Canadians medical treatment in America, because they cannot get it in Canada!

Finally, this whole thing about not being willing to "reach out" to minorities. False, Republicans are willing to reach out to all people, here's the trick, regardless of race, gender, etc. We refuse to put people into different categories or groups. We are supposed to be a classless society where such things do not matter. We are looking for people who share our ideas and beliefs of financial freedom, smaller government and personal responsibility. The notion that someone does not want these things because they are black is asinine. Period.

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