Saturday, March 7, 2009

The White House's Enemies List.

It has become official, with a story in Politico about the Obama Administration targeting Rush Limbaugh that the White House has an enemies list.  It's not as if anyone with a brain didn't know that already based on the way the Obama team went after Joe the Plumber for not agreeing Obama on the plundering of our society.

Here's the thing a lot of people aren't getting, it is more than just Limbaugh they are going after.  Sure, Limbaugh is a figure many do not like for one reason or another.  But the Obama enemies list goes deeper than radio hosts and financial reporters.  Obama recently remarked tha that stock market is not important.  If you are like most people with 401k's, IRAs and 403b's you have your retirement plan wrapped up in that market.

Obama is going after our employers, the people who give us work to do, employers are going to shut down.

It goes like those auto dealer commercials, "Do you have a job and $99?"  Then congratulations, you are on the Obama Enemies List.

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