Thursday, August 14, 2008

How stupid is Obama and his supporters?

The answer has to be pretty friggin's stupid. Obama recently stated that if he were elected president that we would stop importing no foreign oil in ten years.

Let's take three things into consideration:

1) Obama will not allow the US to drill our own oil.
2) Gasoline is not the only petrolium based product in use in the US.
3) There are approximately 140 million automobiles in the US.

If we are not going to import oil and we are not going to drill our own oil, where exactly are we going to get the oil for the thousands of petrolium based products? Are we going to replace them all with non-oil?

Let's just stick with the automobile angle. No oil means no internal combustion engine. How is Obama going to replace 140,000,000 automobiles in ten years? The answer is he cannot. It took us nearly 100 years to get this many cars on the road. Now Obama thinks it can be undone in ten?

The technology to replace the internal combustion engine does not exist. And even if it existed it would take the better half of 50 years to replace all of the automobiles.

Sorry eco-kooks, the automobile will be causing your imaginary warming for decades to come.

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