Sunday, August 31, 2008

Prediction: Now Democrats will accuse Republicans of playing politics with Gustav.

As we've seen in the past couple of days, Democrats and Liberals are ecstatic that Hurricane Gustav is on track to hit New Orleans during the Republican National Convention. From Michael Moore to Don Fowler they laughed, joked and even praised God that the hurricane could be used to make Republicans look bad. The fifth column in the MSM was sure to display side by side video of hurricane damage and refugees along side the RNC.

Now there has been a monkey wrench thrown in those works. The RNC is canceling most of its activities for tomorrow. President Bush has been in contact with Gulf coast governors and mayors; and has been in contact and on site at FEMA. John McCain has stated that the tone of the convention will change as well.

Without footage of Republicans celebrating while a hurricane strikes what is the Democrat-Liberal-Media alliance to do? The answer is easy. They will accuse the Republicans of playing politics. Bush doesn't really care, he visited FEMA for a "photo op." Ad nauseam.

Simply disgusting.

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