Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clinton conspiracy afoot at convention?

There has been alot of buzz around the web and news that Hillary will make one final attempt for the nomination at the Democrat National Convention. The belief here is that all the delegates will be seated and counted. This will make the pledged delegate count close, showing Hillary to be a strong candidate. This will, in theory, be followed by some form of "draft Hillary" movement on the floor or whatever.

As much as a I would love to see it, this is not going to happen. Hillary will not try to hijack the nomination at the convention, there will be a revolt against her. However, Hillary does have a plan.

When the new President of the United States is sworn in she will be 61. If she were to run in 2012 she will be 65, if she runs in 2016 she will be 69. Hillary cannot wait until 2016 to become POTUS, she can however wait 4 years.

My prediction is that from the shadows, the Clinton machine will undermine the Obama campaign with designs to prevent an Obama presidency. McCain wins, Clinton runs against McCain in 2012.

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