Saturday, August 30, 2008

For Democrats and Liberals, your pain equals their gain.

Vile left wing propagandist Michael Moore has made fortune from exploiting the tragedies of others. From Bowling for Columbine to Fahrenheit 9/11 to Sicko Michael Moore has managed to turn the suffering of others into a pile of cash and an attack on Republicans and conservatives. All the while he masquerades himself as a champion of the little guy.

With Hurricane Gustav bearing down on the Gulf of Mexico and possibly headed toward New Orleans what is on Michael Moore's mind? Is it sympathy for the people forced to flee that are still trying to pick up the pieces after Katrina and now must face this? Is it that he should donate to the Red Cross? No.

Michael Moore sees gain. Michael Moore sees benefit. Michael Moore is welcoming this tragedy with open arms. While appearing on Keith Olbermann's show Michael Moore had this to say, "I was just thinking, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in heaven..." Michael Moore is tickled that the Hurricane will make landfall as the Republican National Convention starts as it will allow him and other Democrats take political advantage of the situation.

You can watch the video of Michael Moore yucking it up with Olbermann here.

In the evil, diseased mind of a hardcore leftard like Michael Moore, it is acceptible that hundreds and thousands suffer so long as it can be used to make Republicans look bad and for political advantage. This is who he is and who the left is in this country.

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