Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am no coward, on race Mr. Holder.

Attorney General Eric Holder, this week, referred to the people of the United States of America as "cowards" on issues concerning race.  He feels that we as a nation do not discuss this enough openly.  I take his meaning to mean that white people have no apologized enough (and frankly never will.)  I will admit that there are many white people who do not talk about their thoughts about race (actually culture.)  But why would any white person want to get into this discussion?  They can never be right and it is a losing battle.  If a white person engages in this discussion and expresses any opinion other than, "It's all our fault" they are immediately branded a racist.  And being branded a racist is the single worst thing you can be branded in the United States today.  Don't believe me?  Look at how much anger there was when terrorist Zawahiri referred to President Obama as "house slave."  That was just too much, it was over the top and the last staw.  This is one of the masterminds of 9/11 for crying out loud and people get that upset over him making a racial slur?!

The other problem is that the "racist" label is thrown around so much now that if you listen to certain people then everyone is a racist.  As it stands today, if you oppose ANY portion of the liberal agenda you are racist.  Period.  Don't want tax raises?  Racist.  Don't support the stimulus package?  Racist.  Don't support abortion?  Racist.  Don't want more of your tax dollars going to welfare?  Racist.  Didn't vote for Obama?  Racist.  And I could go on all day.  It's like taking a trascript of Joe McCarthy, hopped up on acid and replacing "communist" with "racist."  And everyone is afraid of having that label aimed at them.

In that respect, maybe AG Holder is right.  Too many people afraid to speak the truth out of fear they will be labeled racists.  So speak your mind, and labels be damned.  The truth is, the civil rights movement was meant to make us a classless society.  How can we be a classless society if so much emphasis is put on segregating us into demographic groups such as, I don't know... RACE?

Attorney General Holder, the way that you will know we no longer have a racial problem is when no one cares about the color of your skin, including you.

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