Sunday, February 1, 2009

Looks like loving your country, being patriotic, and helping others is the "new black"

Get your bucket ready.  Now watch this.  

Well looky there.  Looks like the beautiful people of Hollywood have found a couple new trends.  Being patriotic, loving you country, helping others?  Look at them all proud.  They remind of a small child that finds an Indian arrowhead and thinks it's something new.  They stand there and tell us how they pledge to love their country and help others and so on.

Well welcome aboard, we're glad you can make it!  But to most of us, love of country and others means more than your latest hand bag or exotic car.  For most of us, patriotism isn't a fad to engage in based on who sits in the Oval Office.  Most of us have always support our country.  The faux patriotism and love of country shown in this video is as shallow as Demi's facelift is obvious.

The truth is, this is not about love of country or patriotism.  This is about love of someone, Barack Obama.  These celebritards didn't give a damn about this country when Bush (either one) was in office, they didn't care about this country when Reagan was in office and they would not care if it were John McCain in the White House instead of Barack.

They preach about the country and "others" but they tip their hand at the end when they pledge to be a servant to Barack Obama.  The truth is that if they did not have feelings of patriotism, caring for others, and sacrifice before, they don't have them now.  These feelings are likely to prove fleeting.

But hey, if those celebrities are really all about love of country and helping, then good.  Glad to see you could finally make it, but we got started without you.  No offense.

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