Friday, February 6, 2009

Abortion clinic kills born alive baby.

As seen here, a Florida woman was 18 and pregnant went to an abortion clinic to kill her baby.  She was given a drug to dilate her cervix and the doctor did not make it to the office in time.  Instead of an abortion Sycloria Williams gave birth to a "live" baby girl.  The owner of the clinic promptly cut the umbilical cord and tossed the baby in a bio-hazard bag and right in the trash.

Seems as if everyone is handlin this one with the kid gloves.  The local rep for NOW said "It reall disturbed me."  And young miss Williams had even give the baby a name.  Well Ms. NOW, it really disturbed you?  This is what you are about!  This is what you define as a fundamental part of being a woman, or pardon me womyn.  What difference does it make that the baby fell out of this woman before having its brains sucked out?  And Sycloria, you don't name someone that you are out to kill.  Did you think up this name before or after you went to have your baby murdered?  Why is everyone so shocked about this?

Is it because Williams actually saw the living baby before it was killed.  I guess that does make it easier to kill someone you never have to see.  I case you don't know the score, that baby was alive and I mean it was alive before Sycloria Williams set foot in that abortion mill.  Don't believe me?  Go to an OB and check out a 4-D ultrasound.  I don't know what it is about these stupid women who view their nether regions as some magical portal that grants life and turns all "unviable tissue" mass that passes through into humans with full rights.

I can't figure out if Williams is so stupid that she didn't know that her baby was a living person until she saw her die or if she is trying to milk this for cash.  Either way she's one who deserves to be in a bio-hazard bag.  The NOW folks are acting this way because they don't want what they're really about to get out.

I want you to remember though.  This is what we voted for.  This is the change.  Barack Obama opposed "born alive" legislation.  Expect more.  And everytime this or something like it happens there will be plenty of us to remind you.

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