Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

So here we are again with an escalating battle in Israel. And I also see that the usual cast of characters are on full display. The UN, the peacenicks, the Muslim apologists. And we are hearing the same tired line. There must be a stop to the violence.

Funny, nobody gave a crap about the violence when it was a one-sided affair that involved Hamas launching rockets as Israeli civilians; and during a "ceasefire" no less. Where was the UN? Where was ANSWER?

For all the good it is going to do, I am going to play mythbusters.

MYTH: Israel is the oppressive aggressor.
TRUTH: Israel has always shown great restraint (and are now) when dealing with the Palestinians. This last example showed Israel enduring daily rocket attacks with no counter-attack during the latest ceasefire. The fact that Israel defends itself and counterattacks does not back them the aggressor. There is nothing wrong with defending yourself. And there is nothing wrong with defending yourself with overwhelming force.

MYTH: Israel is targeting civilians; committing genocide.
TRUTH: Israel, like the US, take great pains to avoid civilian casualties. The Palestinians on the other hand not only aim specifically at Israeli civilians, they also deliberately put their own civilians in the path Israeli counter attacks. Hence, Hamas launches rockets from school yards and hospitals. Have noticed that Israel is using more and more "smart" weapons, bombs that are smaller and smaller but more and more accurate? This is because they would rather drop a 500 lb bomb directly on an enemy's head as opposed to a 5000 lb bomb on a large area. Both will get the job done, but the smaller bomb lessens civilian deaths. Contrast this with Hamas, they really don't care where their bombs go other than Israel. If Israel's goal was to wipe out the Palestinians, it would have been done 25 years ago. It does not take laser guided bombs to wipe out a population (see Dresden, Germany.)

MYTH: Israel is a racist society.
TRUTH: How many Jews do you see welcome in Gaza? In the West Bank? Or how about anywhere within 300 miles of Israel? On the other hand, Israel will accept anyone who does not wish to kill them. There are several Arab-Israelis who work, live and thrive in Israel. They are fully integrated into the society, the only problem is those darn rockets. Of course, these individuals are viewed with contempt in the rest of the Arab world. Were we talking about the US, they would be called "Sell Outs" or "Uncle Toms."

Regardless, this is not coming to an end soon. Hamas will spend the next weeks or days get trounced all over Gaza. They will continue to put their women and children in the line of fire so they can be paraded around for the cameras. The Moonbats will continue to protest Israel for engaging in the crime of self defense. The UN will continue to posture. Then after completely mopping the floor with Hamas, Israel will sign a ceasefire. Finally, Hamas after suffering combat casualties of 250 to one, gaining no ground, strategic or tactical advantage will declare victory and start shelling Israel again. What a joke.

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