Monday, January 26, 2009

Michelle Obama "chided" for wearing "whitey's" designer clothes.

Who knew that affirmative action reached all the way into what clothes you wear?  According to Politico Michelle Obama has received criticism from the Black Artists Association for the crime of her inaugural outfits not being designed by black designers.

I have to go with Michelle on this one.  Who cares?!  The Black Artists Association asked:

"It's fine and good if you want to be all 'Kumbaya' and 'We Are the World' by representing all different countries. But if you are going to have Isabel Toledo do the inauguration dress, and Jason Wu do the evening gown, why not have Kevan Hall, B Michael, Stephen Burrows or any of the other black designers do something too?"

Here's  a novel idea, maybe she didn't like anything Kevan Hall or any of the other black designers had to offer.  I mean she is still a free person, free to choose what clothes to wear right?  Why is there this notion within minority communities that you have to be beholden to anything and everything within your particular miniority group?  It's asinine.

On the other hand the Obama's are part of the machine that created this monster. 

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