Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama's new rules already don't apply... to him that is.

Peter Schweizer wrote a book in 2006 that can now be considered prophetic when it comes to the new presidency of Barack Obama.   One the first day of his administration President Obama signed an executive order regarding lobbying and ethics rules.

If you can make it through to about the 3:25 mark President Obama begins outlining his rules for lobbyists in his administration.

1.  Former lobbyists entering Obama's administration will not be allowed to work on things that they lobbied on or agencies they lobbied during the previous 2 years.

2.  After leaving the Obama administration you will not be allowed to lobby the Obama administration as long as Obama is President.

3.  There will be a ban on gifts from lobbyists to anyone in the administration.

That was on the "first day" of work Jan 20th or 21st.  Well guess what?

That's right kids, less than a week and President Obama has already waived his own ethics rules to appoint a lobbyist and executive at Raytheon (a defense contractor) as Deputy Secretary of Defense.  When President Obama stated that his administration would be transparent we had no idea.  What good are rules if you don't follow them?  Obama's ethics rules are about as on the up and up as playing one on one with Kim Jong Il.

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