Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Randi Rhodes demonstrates the divide between conservatives and liberals.

I heard Olbermann whining about this too and I am a little late commenting on this, but here goes.

Basically, the Obamas asked to stay in the Blair House, which is the the guest house for the White House. The Obamas were denied their request because the house was already booked.

I caught clips of Randi Rhodes griping and complaining about this last week. The gist of her statements are ,who is George W. Bush to deny anything to Barack Obama? Who is so important that they would not be bumped out of the way of Barack Obama? As it turns out it was former Australian Prime Minister John Howard (referred to as 'disgraced' former Prime Minister...)

John Howard is a guest of this country, you do not treat your guests like that.

But more importantly, Randi uses a lot of 'who' there. That's the point, to the liberals it is all about status. Barack Obama is a more important person (to them) than John Howard. I mean afterall, Barack Obama is the messiah to these people. There is no equality here, and it surely does not matter that President George W. Bush entered into a commitment with John Howard. All things are to bend to the will of Barack Obama.

Randi Rhodes, once again demonstrating the elitist attitudes of the left.

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