Monday, November 17, 2008

The blame Bush train is coming to its last stop.

Something I have observed in the last eight years is that there has been an exponential increase in the amount of mud that is thrown at the President. It's always existed, but not to this degree. If you talk to the radical left, everything is George W. Bush's fault; and I mean everything.

Even more bothersome is that if there was nothing really bad going on at the time problems to blame on Bush were manufactured. The Democrats have been talking down the economy for years. For crying out loud they complained about unemployment rates when they were under five percent. And the problems that we do have, gas prices, housing crash it all gets laid at the feet of Bush; even though these are all issues caused by Democrat policies (refusal to drill, running Fannie and Freddie into the dirt.)

Here's the thing, the Dems own it now. They don't know it, but they own it. We already know that Obama will capitalize on the blame Bush line with that old chestnut "cleaning up after the last administration." This will only get Obama so far. It won't be long before this starts to annoy the American people. The normal ones that is, the kool-aid drinkers will never be swayed.

Just like at your place of employment, everyone hates that incompetent guy who never gets anything done and always blames the person before them.

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