Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An open letter to the Republicans in Congress.

If you are reading this post, then John McCain has failed in his bid for President.  This also means that the United States of America is in for a long, hard ride.  With Liberal Democrats running the House, the Senate and now the White House the damage to this country can take decades to undo.

Average Americans can expect to have their private earning raided and their property ripped from their grasp.  The liberal agenda will be force fed to the American people with a steady stream of tax hikes and draconian regulations.  You, the remaining Republicans in Congress are all that stand between the American people and this liberal nightmare.

I don't know if you noticed, but we are on the fringe.  The conservative movement is now an underground resistance movement; and don't think for a moment that the Democrats are going to make it easy on us.  One of the things I learned from the Bush administration, is this:  There is no "new tone."  Democrats will not include us in their government.

We need to take back the country and here's how:

1.  Block Obama's court appointments.  We cannot afford for Barack Obama to be allowed to appoint ONE justice to the Supreme Court.  An Obama justice will be as far to the left as you can imagine.  I will be hard and congressional Republicans will take a lot of abuse; but we need for you to stick together.

2.  Block the fairness doctrine.  The Democrat Party will now move to keep the conservatvie message from getting out.  The fairness doctrine is a blatant violation of the 1st ammendment.  The Fairness Doctrine is one of the first things that the Democrat run table will attempt in th e new session.

3.  Block the "Employee Free Choice Act."  It is your obligation to protect every citizens right to a private ballot.  Card check is unacceptible, and will allow workers to be intimidated.

4.  Keep your noses clean and avoid scandal.  You do not get passes from the media the way Democrats do.  The media is not your friend.  If they can't find a scandal to put on you they'll make one up.

5.  Take back the House, period.  The House can be taken in 2010, the Senate will take longer but the work starts now.  Run as conservatives, BE conservative.  Stand up against the high taxes Obama wants.  Stand up against welfare state he will prop up.  Stand up against the military cuts.  Fight for our national security.  Build your record on that, then run on it.  You will not win a new seat or keep your incumbant seat running to the "center" or to the left.  You have to run to the right.

The fight begins now. 

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