Monday, November 10, 2008

Man arrested at Obama rally for wearing a McCain T-Shirt

A youtube video has surfaced, filmed in Philadelphia, PA, of a man at an Obama victory rally. The man makes the mistake of wearing a McCain/Palin T-Shirt. The is promptly confronted by the police and arrested shortly thereafter. Why was this man arrested? Why is it that liberals are allowed to show up and hang Sarah Palin in effigy? Why are liberals allowed to burn dummys made up to look like George W. Bush. But this man is only wearing a T-Shirt and is jailed.

Another scary thing is look at the video. Look at how the "non-McCain supporters" or "Obama supporters" react. You know, these are the "Obama's gonna pay my rent" crowd. Look at how they scream and jump up and down, barely able to contain their hate and almost savage aggression.

If Barack Obama gets shown the door ala Jimmy Carter expect his "supporters" not let him go without a fight. And I don't mean they'll get out the vote. I mean they'll get out the guns.

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