Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hollyweird makes pro-illegal immigration propaganda.

I just watched the trailer on the internet for "Crossing Over" Hollyweird's latest attempt to show the United States of America as the bad guy. This time the issue of the day is "immigration" (really illegal immigration) and guess what? America sucks and is this horrible place where the only way to get a green card is sex with Ray Liotta.

This film apparently follows the vignette format of following several different characters' stories while dealing with (illegal) immigration. In each case the (illegal) immigrant is the victim. It is really quite nauseating.

In one moving moment Ashley Judd's character questions an offscreen ICE or INS official if she will uproot a 15 year old girl because her parents snuck across border when she was 3. Here's a novel approach. If you have kids you are absolved of any wrong you do. It was bad enough that Spiderman 3 established that the Sandman is excused for killing, maiming and destroying the city of New York because he has a sick daughter (Hey Sandman, get a job!)

Here's the reality check. If Mr. IllegalImmigrant hadn't broken the law 12 years ago his daughter wouldn't be getting uprooted. How about that? How about a little responsibility? How about a little accountability? If you do stuff you are not supposed to do you and your family are likely to suffer the consequences. But not in Hollyweird, no all is forgiven. The sad thing is this sort of stuff happens all the time. People run Meth-houses with their kids in tow, they shoplift, they hit and run they run the gambit. All with their kids right there.

And all the time, they try to hide behind their kids. People will blow their lives and then exploit people who care about the children.

The tag line of this film is, "The only thing greater than what divides us... is the dream we share." Give me a break. We don't share a dream. Because part of my dream, is to live in a world where people obey the law, and don't mooch off of the taxpayers.

Let's make one thing clear. Conservatives are not against immigration. We are against illegal immigration and we are against rewarding those who break the immigration laws. I have a friend who's wife is an immigrant, but guess what? She is immigrating according to the law. Period. And I welcome her with open arms and admiration. And the liberal side of the argument is a slap in the face to all people like her who have immigrated legally.

Here is the link for the trailer, get you dramamine:

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