Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rebuttal to the idiot at or Why I AM Patriotic

Some dimwit at the Progressive wrote this article about how bad America sucks. I posted a comment in response and here it is:

Your view of the US is warped & bitter, the glass will always be half empty. You named a series of bad things, Nazis, Imperial Japan, etc. The US is what stopped those things. You say that we need to give more of our resources to Africa et al. It doesn't matter how much we give, there are always bad men (Mugabe) to take the money and resources out of where it is intended. See Mogadishu. At some point they will need to stand up and take care of themselves.

We are the greatest nation.

Our 10,000 nuclear weapons? Yes, because with those we faced down the USSR who with their thousands of nuclear warheads would have spread their totalitarian regime across the globe.

Our troops stationed in 120 countries? Most those troops stationed at embassies, stations of diplomacy, meaning that we have peaceful relations with most countries and are there invitation, that makes us great.

We consume more resources because we are more productive & industrious. This adds to our wealth which we (both government and private citizens) are more generous with.

The distribution of our wealth demonstrates that we are MORE equal. Before the birth of this nation the distribution of wealth was the one man (king) controlled all of the wealth while everyone else had nothing and the trend continues to this day in other totalitarian states. In the United States, anyone and everyone has the opportunity become wealthy. That makes us great.

Corporations represent democracy and freedom. Corporations are embodied by many people (often times the people who work there) taking ownership of a company and sharing its profits among themselves (ironically this is what socialism purports to do but fails at.)

Our infant mortality rate is worse than you think and is a strike against the "great" column, I call it abortion.

At Abu Graib, we put a stop to it once it came out that is more than can be said for others. At Guantanamo, the prisoners have it better than our own prisoners. So much so that the bad stories have to made up (Koran flushing anyone?)

For all of the babble about Bush/Cheney assaulting rights and liberties? Exactly which of your rights have been violated by Bush/Cheney? Compare that to the recent fight we just had in the Supreme Court where so called "Progressives" tried to literally remove an amendment from the Constitution. But the people won that one, the Constitution won that one and that makes us great.

The United States of America, whether you love it or whether you hate it, it's the best thing going today.

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