Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paying too much for gasoline? They don't think so.

Everyday on our way to work, or to carry out our daily errands we pass gas stations. Looking at the signs the price of gas per gallon is around $4 or more. Everyone is in agreement that we are paying too much for gasoline.

Our Democrat controlled congress promised in 2007 to fix the gasoline prices. Since then prices have gone up. As prices go up or Democrat controlled congress tells us that we are not allowed to drill for our own oil. Senator John McCain has proposed a gasoline tax holiday where basically, we don't pay taxes on gasoline at the pump.

The Democrat controlled congress led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have not only nixed the gas tax holiday, but they are trying to raise gasoline tax. If their plan comes to fruition the price of gasoline and diesel will rise by 10 cents per gallon in taxes alone.

We have done our part. The trend in America is that people are buying more fuel efficient cars. Demand is down. Now we need to increase the supply. We will have the opportunity to make that decision in November.,0,4896157.story