Thursday, July 24, 2008

Global Warming will destroy the world as we know it, but not in the way you think.

Here's the good news. People are starting to reject the global warming hype and hysteria. People are standing up and throwing down their bulls$&t cards. But we have to keep up the fight, because if we don't global warming will destroy the world as we know it.

Please note when I say "global warming" I am referring to the moronic notion of man made global warming that will melt all the glaciers, flood all the plains, make more hurricaines, make it too hot to live, usher in a new ice age, cause wars and make people sick or whatever it is the global warming hustlers are pushing at the moment.

We have to stand up to global warming nazis and we have to do it today. It is not enough that we continue to live our lives and not bow to the idiotic demands of the environmentalist nutjob crowd. We have to get eco-kooks out of our government as well. Not just the elected officials that are pushing this but also the lobbyists.

The means to the proposed end (completely "green" world with no CO2) is total and complete control of our lives and lifestyles. CO2 is the currently villian of the eco-kook crowd, and for good reason. We will never be rid of it. The eco-villain in the past has been litter, poluted water, aresol cans. All of these things we have been able to elimate (or greatly decrease.)

The environazis needed something else, something that wouldn't go away. Hence Carbon. Carbon Dioxide, Carbon footprint, ad nauseum. Check out the wikipedia entry for "carbon-based life"

"Carbon forms the backbone of all life on Earth." All life on Earth! CO2, we produce CO2 everytime we exhale. Make no mistake, the eco-kooks what to control all aspects of your life.

Their great fiction, global warming, will destroy the world as we know it. If we let them.

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