Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dem Obama=Jesus line is not only insulting, but telling as well.

Recently the Dem/Left line has been to push comparing Obama to Jesus.  Even to the point of making the argument that Pilate/Palin was a governor and Jesus/Obama are community organizers.  Oooooh and Pilate and Palin also start with the letter P!

In a huge waste of taxpayer money Steve Cohen a Democrat from Tennessee pushed this notion on the House floor.

This is not only an insult, which is obvious.  But also it is insight into how liberals, even "Christian" liberals view Christ.

"...outside the system."???  You idiot.  He was the system.  Everything that transpired leading up to the crucifixion was according to the will of God.  The Roman occupation of Judea was in the prophecies as was Jesus.  Everything had to happen as it did for mankind to have a chance at salvation.

Jesus was a community organizer?  No.  He was/is Lord and Savior.  But that's just it.  Liberals do not see Jesus as Lord.  They see him as a guy that did good deeds.  Does not occur to them to bow down and worship him, they cannot lower themselves to that level.

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