Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bailout bill goes down in flames.

Today the notorious $700 Billion bailout bill went down in flames.  This is after the Republicans in the house and Senate stood up for the American people and carved out the most distasteful portions of the bill, such as a few million dollars for Obama campaign organization ACORN.

Before the vote today SanFranGranNan Pelosi made a speech where she tipped her hand and made it clear that she was going to pin everything on the Republican Party.  She lectured all us today about how bad we were for engaging in capitalism while leaving out the truth that mess started with a combination of Democrats looting and blocking any oversight for Freddi Mac and Fannie Mae.

With that the American people shut down the Congressional switchboard, and the House Republicans served speaker Pelousy a heeping helping of shut your pie-hole.  And with that the bill went down in flames.

The truth of the matter is that sure, the American people want this fixed, but:

1. We are not stupid.
2. We don't want you to use this as an opportunity to loot the treasury, our treasury.
3. We won't fall for you giving goodies to your buddies.
4. We are sick of this do-nothing Congress proving time and time how inept they are and trying to make everything into a partisan attack.
5. This is not an opportunity for you enact socialism.
6. We deserve better.

Now kindly pull your head out of your butt and get to work and quit being such a partisan hack.

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