Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Ethical Problem of Public Sector Unions in Politics...

Or how the Democrat Party funds its campaigns on the taxpayer dime.

Some might think that I am simply picking on unions this week.  I was thinking about this premise while reading about how the SEIU astroturfs protesters to show up at Romney events for eleven bucks an hour.  So while the MSM slanders the TEA Party as "astroturf" and "teabaggers" people are admitting on film that they are paid to protest on behalf of the SEIU and, by extension, Barack Obama.

If you think that's greasy, keep reading.

Public sector unions are nothing more than taxpayer funded, campaign fronts for the Democrat Party.  This isn't something as innocent as a taxpayer/citizen donating to a campaign, or even the practice of a union taking dues from Democrats and Republicans and donating to Democrats.  These are campaign contributions that are being taken from the United States Treasury, and your pocket whether you want it to or not.

I think it goes without saying that labor unions align with Democrats.  Even more so, unions that represent public employees.  In case you haven't noticed the SEIU is fully and violently behind Barack Obama and the Democrat Party 100%.  As a result, all members of the SEIU have their dues go toward these campaigns, whether they are a Democrat or not.  Afterall, its not like government workers have a choice of whether to join the union or not.

This practice is shady enough when it is the poor hospital and hotel workers who are bullied and intimidated into the SEIU and other such unions.  What makes it so much worse in the public sector is that the donations are coming in the form of dues taken from salaries of public sector employees.  These salaries, of course, come the treasury of either the US Government or the state for which the people are employed.

One of four things the Democrat Party excels at is growing government (the others are spending, taxing and appeasing our enemies).  Growth of government means more government employees, etc.

More government employees = more unions members = more dues = campaign money to Democrats.

Ironically, anyone can come to this logical conclusion by following Vladimir Lenin's advice to "follow the money."

Congratulations people, you're donating to Barack Obama whether you want to or not.

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