Friday, October 2, 2009

The REAL Minority Report; or Well It's OK for Obama Part 53

As is completely evident, Obama's "Bash-Bush" train is not pulling into station anytime soon. Obama gave a speech recently blasting former President Bush's imprisonment of terrorist detainees at Gitmo, as he has done throughout his five minute career.

However, yesterday was different. While Obama was badmouthing Bush he was laying out his own plans to indefinitely imprison people who were threats, could not be tried for past crimes; but needed to be prevented from committing future crimes. That's right, he is taking the evil, despised, constitution hating Bush's plan... a step further.

Obama makes it clear that Bush/Gitmo was illegal because Bush said it was legal based on advice from a legal team, but Obama's plan will be legal because Obama is the one doing it. This whole attitude of "It's OK, it'll work, because I'M the one doing it now" that defines Obama would be funny if he were not actually in charge.

At least the people that Bush imprisoned at Gitmo were captured on a field of battle in the act of going after our troops, or caught in a plot here in the US. Obama's plan is for people to be imprisoned whether they have or are committing/planning an attack or crime. Just like Minority Report.

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