Sunday, June 1, 2008

Obama quits Trinity church.

Barack Obama announced that he was quitting the Trinity United Church of Christ after reports of a “sermon” made by Father Michael “Uncle Ruckus” Pfleger. In this self-loathing white priest’s sermon he asserted that all white people are in debt to the black community. Especially those who make the statement that they are not accountable for what their ancestors did 150+ years ago. Pfleger answered this by stating that all white people have benefited from racism of the past and that basically “walked” into our jobs etc, because of racism of the past. To Father Pfleger: I have “walked” into nothing. I have worked, I have shred blood, sweat and tears for everything that I have, which is not much. This is racial stereotyping at its finest.

Anyway, Obama has quit the church “with much sadness.” Now don’t be mistaken here, he didn’t quit because Rev. Wright is a racist, hate-mongering, afro-nazi; not because Father Pfleger is self-loathing white man who propagates hatred to satisfy his own ego; but because of the negative impact it will have on the parishioners and the image of the church.

Let’s remember where Obama in on this church. At first, he never heard those comments that Rev. Wright made. Then, Rev. Wright was the crazy but loveable uncle that Obama could not criticize. Then, when Rev. Wright made a statement about Obama, Wright was gone. So that brings us to Pfleger. Obama has left the church, because they are the victims here and anything that a guest preacher says will be pinned on Obama and the congregation.

Here’s the thing Senator Obama. You don’t get it. You and the congregation of United Trinity are not just innocent bystanders, stuck as a captive audience while these statements are made. Watch the videos of Rev. Wright and Father Pfleger, the parishioners are not captive, they are not dumbfounded, they howl and glee and approval. Like mobs at the Roman Colossuem when people were fed to lions they cheered, they applauded and they overwhelmingly approved. And you have been a part of this for 20 years. That’s why people are concerned, angry and frightened.

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